Penn State faculty who are planning future courses are encouraged to incorporate the iStudy for Success! study skills modules. These modules are designed to help students sharpen their study skills by helping them adjust to college-level learning.

Instructors can assign any of over twenty free, self-paced online iStudy for Success! modules, and they also can import them into an ANGEL course or group. Topics include “Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, and Copyright,” “Active Reading,” and more. For a description of each module and instructions on importing a module into ANGEL, visit

iStudy now has two new modules, “Learning Online—Are You Ready?” and “Writing a Combination Resume.” With many students taking online courses, the “Learning Online” module is a perfect way for them to check their preparation for taking online courses. The “Resume” module is aimed at students who are about to enter the job market and want a stellar resume.

iStudy is administered by Teaching and Learning with Technology, a unit of Information Technology Services.

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