Faculty who wish to reinforce student awareness of academic integrity issues without using up valuable class time can assign a self-paced module entitled “Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, and Copyright.” The module is one of 27 free iStudy for Success! skill-building modules that can be imported into an ANGEL course. It provides the academic integrity information that should be included in every Penn State course, covering plagiarism, cheating, copyright, fair use, and the penalties for academic dishonesty. The format includes readings, conversations among members of a virtual student team, activities such as ANGEL assessments, and references. Other iStudy modules that can help students build skills range from “Learning Online—Are You Ready?” to “Resume Writing.” For descriptions of the modules and directions on how to import them into ANGEL, visit http://istudy.psu.edu/.

Faculty can also use another web-based resource, Turnitin, to reinforce students’ academic integrity. Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system owned by Turnitin.com, which has licensed the system to Penn State for use in the University community. Faculty can submit students’ papers to the system to perform originality checks. Turnitin can also be used as a teaching tool to raise awareness of paraphrasing and quoting skills among students to avoid plagiarism. For more information, visit http://tlt.psu.edu/turnitin.

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