Cori Wong, a Penn State philosophy graduate student, uses social media such as her blog and YouTube to engage the general public in philosophic discussions. Is her work in social media a good use of her limited time as a grad student? On the flip side, are these exercises helping her become a better public scholar, and perhaps, a better teacher?

In this podcast, Jamie Oberdick, Daily Buzz editor, spoke with several people about Cori’s social media work. Cori discussed how she uses social media to talk about current issues from a philosophy angle. She also talks about why she uses social media to talk about philosophy and what her concept of “philifesophy” is all about. In addition, Christopher Long, associate dean of undergraduate studies with the College of Liberal arts/philosophy professor, and several of Cori’s students offer their thoughts on why social media is a good forum to talk about philosophy.

To listen to the podcast, go to this link: Cori Wong Daily Buzz.

To see Cori’s work, go to her blog Little Bird, Poet Tree and her Youtube channel, myphilifesophy.

TLT Newsletter Podcast: Philosophy grad student discusses 'philifesophy' via social media


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