This Week: NMC conference, digital storytelling, managing e-mail, animate your widgets, gaming conference.

First, we start things with Brett Bixler, TLT lead instructional designer, who has a post this week about his experience at the New Media Consortium’s summer conference, held June 12-15. He shares with us what he saw, learned, experienced, etc.

“The New Media Consortium always hosts a great summer conference, and this year was no exception. I think it’s the combination of education technologists, learning designers, librarians, and artists that makes this conference unique. The conference setting was the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA.”

Next, we go to the Media Common site and a case study on storytelling via different digital mediums. The case study looks at the benefits and challenges of digital media’s storytelling capabilities. 

“Throughout the semester students focused on storytelling across different digital mediums. Communicating their ideas through image based storytelling was a focus of projects that built on each other over the course of the semester, ending with a final project where they were asked to create a narrative video of 3-6 minutes.  To get the students thinking creatively, they had to choose three attributes from a given list including: location of a pile of leaves, panning camera angle, and scary background music. The video projects, specifically, were a way for them to critically think about how moving imagery, spoken text, editing techniques, camera angles, and digital effects were all crucial to get their story across to viewers.”

Next, we visit the Penn State Mont Alto IT Help Desk. This week, Staci Grimes from the Mont Alto IT Help Desk has a great post that offers tips on how to tackle a challenge anybody can relate to having – managing e-mail.

“When it was widely adopted, electronic mail revolutionized how work was done. Other means of business communication have come and gone, but email remains a mainstay medium for reaching out and staying in touch.”

Animated widgets are on the mind of Dave Stong, TLT graphic designer, this month. He offers up an example of one, and how he designed it.

“So silly. Sorry to waste your time. I was going to stick this Edge thing in my sidebar, then didn’t feel like sitting through rebuilding. This is easier. What I wanted to point out with this is that Adobe Edge Preview 6 includes aniBook/iOS publishing option. I don’t know a lot about it, but if they call it iBook it has to mean I can use Adobe Edge to design one-off interactive “magazines” that will play in iBooks, right? Kind of like iBook Author only without the sales support?”

Finally, we turn to a new blog from Kate Miffitt, instructional designer. She shares her trip to the Games, Learning, and Society Conference last week in Madison, WI. This includes some of the ideas on educational gaming and how it affects learning

“Taken together, a lot of these ideas point at the weaknesses in traditional institutions of learning, and how ill-structured they are to nurture the natural ability and desire humans have to learn. I come away with a renewed focus on the agency of the learner and the varying contexts for learning.”

That’s all for this week’s BuzzLion. Thanks for reading!


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