It has been an exciting year for the people in TLT, a year filled with change, growth, and success. During the past year, we have seen growth in nearly all areas of the organization and continued to press towards a more responsive set of services. As you can see in our annual report for 2011-2012, the staff of TLT have had an amazingly productive year. Our accomplishments touch faculty, staff, and students at every campus and in every college. We continue to strive to think about TLT as a single organization designed to guide the University in the appropriate use of technology to enrich teaching and learning. To this aim, we have organized our report according to the overarching themes of the organization and not by unit accomplishments. This approach in reporting represents our desire to act as one TLT. While not everything is represented in this report, it is our effort to share our most illustrious accomplishments.

Download the TLT Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 249Kb)

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