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When the Educational Gaming Commons (EGC) was first founded several years ago, one of its core goals was to find ways of connecting the enthusiastic but distributed members of the Penn State community who had an interest in educational gaming. Being a part of TLT, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that face-to-face events like the TLT Symposium, Web Conference, Media Commons Tailgate and Learning Design Summer Camp can have on communities of practice within Penn State. And so we decided that EduGaming needed an event of its own – a chance for everyone with a passion for games and learning to come together for a few hours and learn, collaborate, discuss ideas and ultimately, find ways to improve education together. Equally important, we wanted an event that wasn’t just for seasoned practitioners, but approachable for anyone within the Penn State learning design community – even those with no deeper knowledge of games than Pacman or Pong.

Our answer to this need was GameDay and on May 7, we’ll be hosting our second annual installation of this event from 9-3:15 in the University Park Knowledge Commons.  This year’s event will span a wide range of exciting topics, from digital badges to massive live role play simulations. Regardless of whether you teach, research, create, design, or just have an interest in educational games, GameDay has something for everyone.

To sign up for GameDay 2013, or to learn more about it, visit We hope to see you on the 7th!

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