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The first official day of this year’s MacAdmins conference brings all of the attendees together to learn about many different facets of Mac administration. Being a member of the team that administers the Windows OS machines, it is a nice change of pace to be a part of this event. The people that are involved in this event are just as passionate about their environment and institution as we are at Penn State.

Over the course of the day, twenty different sessions are being presented on the first day with topics ranging from OS X Command Line to Wi-Fi Network Design to Deployment Strategies for Education. We continue to have a wide array of people interested in presenting at the conference on a vast group of subject matter. Our goal is always to find those types of sessions that are relevant to the environment we see now and in the future.

The day will culminate with our Evening Network Event which, this year, will be at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park. We will be renting the stadium to provide an area for attendees to socialize with each other while playing games on the concourse and in the outfield. There will also be opportunities for taking trolley tours of campus which we know from last year, many people were interested in seeing. Also attending will be some instructors from the local art school, C. Barton McCann School of Art, who will also be providing some activities.

It’s aiming to be a very packed day with lots of hallway conversations and the kinds of thought provoking moments that always come out of this event.

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