Excited. You’re going to hear this word a lot.

I’m really excited about getting to spend a week surrounded by other Mac IT experts and friends. I’m excited to be challenged with new ideas and methods of Mac and iOS systems administration.

It will be an intense and fun week, filled with lots of technical sessions presented by top notch IT experts. I sometimes get to attend some sessions each year, when I’m not busy helping to ensure that the conference is going as planned.

I’m excited to be a part of a long-time running Mac IT community, and being able to give back some time and expertise in the areas that I can. I always meet new and interesting people that really think outside of the box and bring new aspects to all factors of IT, including technical and cultural.

Every year we learn more about how we can improve the conference experience for attendees, speakers and sponsors. We take that feedback and apply the ideas to the next year’s conference.

I can’t stress enough that I always look forward to working with the other conference steering team members. I consider all of them good friends. We are great at getting things done, while still challenging each other to make the best decisions and direction for the conference as a whole.

Lastly: I’m really excited to have access to carrot cake each day of the conference. This makes it all worth while.

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