An ANGEL update was applied on October 2 to correct some outstanding issues and to implement several feature requests received from the Penn State community. The update included the following changes.

General changes

(Issue fixed) Due to recent changes to certain browser settings, such as Firefox 23 and Internet Explorer 10, link content items within ANGEL sometimes appear as empty pages or broken links. As a work-around in ANGEL, course editors can edit link content item titles to include HTML, which will launch the links in a separate browser window outside of ANGEL. For more details and step-by-step instructions, see the IT Knowledge Base article “Linking to Mixed Content: Issue and Workarounds.”

Profile page

(New feature request) Users now have the option to leave a group without requiring the assistance of the group owner. To do so, on the My Profile page in the My Groups component, select the Leave Group link beneath the group name.

(New feature request) Users can now sort their courses in descending order within the My Courses component. To do so, hover over the My Courses title bar, select the settings (pencil) icon, then select the Sort Descending check box listed in Tasks.

(New feature request) Instructors can choose not to display student drop/add information in the My Courses component. For this option, hover over the My Courses title bar, select the settings (pencil) icon, and uncheck the Roster Drops & Adds check box listed in Tasks.

Syllabus tab

(New feature request) The ability to print a syllabus was restored. This feature was lost during the upgrade from ANGEL 7.4 to ANGEL 8. Now when an instructor or a student enters the course syllabus he or she will see the Print option on the right side of the toolbar.

Calendar tab

(New feature request) The current date is now highlighted when the calendar is displayed in month view.

Manage tab

(New feature request) A Deep Link Wizard was added to the PSU Course Settings component. This feature allows instructors to include a link to the desired course tab when sending an email to students. Students will be able to go directly to the desired course tab by clicking on the link.

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