This past year, Penn State’s One Button Studio enabled students, faculty and staff to create thousands of professional-quality videos just by pressing a single button. Now, Penn State IT is building on that success, expanding the enterprise to include an Apple OSX app available via the Apple App Store and new partnerships with several universities and institutions across the country.
OBS is a revolutionary video production system in which all components — lighting, green screen and recording equipment — are set up and adjusted only once. To create a video, the user simply plugs a thumb drive into the studio’s computer and presses the OBS’s signature silver button. When finished, the button is pressed again and the video file is saved.
Although OBS was developed at Penn State, the University offers the technology to any institution that wishes to build their own. Until recently, Media Commons consultants had to travel to interested organizations to help them choose the right equipment and walk them through the process.
Now, the University has developed a One Button Studio app for Mac OSX. The app provides packaged digital consultation and instructions designed to help institutions and businesses purchase the right equipment and set up their own OBS.
The app comes after a global surge in interest for OBS. Currently, Penn State has partnerships with 37 educational institutions. Among the institutions interested in building their own studios are Dartmouth, Ohio State, Oregon State, Temple, Purdue and Monash University, located in Melbourne, Australia. Penn State also recently worked with King University (in Tennessee) and Abilene Christian University (in Texas) to help them build their own installations of OBS. In addition, early numbers on downloads also reflect an international trend for OBS. As of November 19, just a few days after the app going live on the App Store, 54 of the 107 downloads of the app were from non-US locations.
“Not only does One Button Studio enable easy video production for those with little experience, but it also has a relatively low cost for set up,” said Chris Millet, interim director of Education Technology Services within Information Technology Services at Penn State. “The overall cost to start and set up an OBS is less than $8,000, and as little as $2,000 for a fully functioning studio. With budget worries a constant in higher education, that’s something that is attractive to a lot of administrators.”
While the app significantly simplifies the process, Justin Miller, project manager for One Button Studio, stressed that additional steps are necessary to create a functioning studio after the app is installed. “You can download the app from the Apple App Store, but will still need to purchase and set up the hardware,” he said.
To learn more about the One Button Studio including how to set one up, please go to

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