The Penn State Center and Extension are relocating their spaces and targeting an April 2015 move-in to the Energy Innovation Center in the heart of Pittsburgh. This relocation will include many new changes, including a One Button Studio and a Mirror app.

According to Deno De Ciantis, director of the Penn State Center, the lease to the Energy Innovation Center, will take just more than 11,000 square feet in an 185,000-square-foot Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum-certified building that was once the Connelly Trade School. It is on the verge of being signed, and the construction drawings were completed several days ago. The former trade school has five academic floors and two and a half or so of vocational-technical floors, which are being reconstructed into a combination of offices and labs. Design for the new Penn State Center space, which will be on the first floor, is 95 percent completed, and construction is expected to start sometime this December.

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