Graduate students are invited to participate in a pilot in spring 2015 to earn microcredentials that recognize their accomplishments in digital pedagogy. As part of a Teaching with Technology Fellowship, Mark Fisher, lecturer and TLT coordinator in philosophy, collaborated on a design of a microcredentialing program that recognizes competencies in digital pedagogy. These microcredentials, or badges, evaluate teaching with technology in several areas and make it easier for students to earn the Teaching with Technology Certificate.

There are three badges that students can earn in the spring in the area of digital content delivery. The Digital Content Delivery Badge Area focuses on and recognizes the development of abilities to leverage digital technologies in delivering course content across different contexts for specific pedagogical purposes. Badges in this category are awarded for demonstrated proficiency in delivering digital course content.

Of the badges, Fisher said, “As instructors, we are designers and facilitators of pedagogical interactions between our students and the materials we select for our courses. Often, we are in a position to make choices concerning the (analog and digital) technologies we employ in service of our course goals. In learning how to make these choices effectively and conscientiously, it helps to experiment with a range of options for content delivery, reflect on the various pros and cons of each, and determine which are best suited for the contexts and purposes that are most relevant to our courses.”

Earned microcredentials are collected within the badging application, and can be used in a CV or in a personal digital portfolio. The badges can be found at in the spring. If you have questions about the pilot, please email Kate Miffitt at

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