Starting January 1, 2015, i>clicker is making a change to the way in which used student response systems (clickers) are registered. Beginning January 1, used clickers that are being registered to new students will require a one-time $6.99 registration transfer fee. This change does not apply to new clickers, used clickers re-registered to the same person, or older clickers that have never been registered. It also doesn’t apply to instructor clickers, as those don’t need to be registered with i>clicker.

The students will still go through the usual methods for registration, but if the system detects that the clicker being registered has previously been registered to a different student, it will prompt the student to either pay $6.99 at the time of registration, or to enter a code from a pre-paid clicker transfer card, which the bookstore will be carrying.

Clickers registered in fall 2014 will remain registered, and, beginning January 1, clicker registrations will never expire. Students will only need to register a new or used clicker once for their academic career or to update their first name, last name, or student ID with the registration system if that information is incorrect or has changed.

The Penn State Bookstore has yet to determine if they’ll be bundling the clicker transfer cards with used and rental clickers or if they’ll be available as a separate purchase. According to the Bookstore, only a very small percentage of their annual clicker sales are used and rental clickers, so this change should not affect the vast majority of students on campus.

In summary:

  • New clickers will not incur the one-time registration transfer fee.
  • Used clickers registered before January 1, 2015 will not incur the one-time registration transfer fee.
  • All clicker registrations will now remain active for the academic career of the student and will not require re-registration every year.
  • Previously purchased clickers being re-registered to the same student will not incur the one-time registration transfer fee.
  • Only clickers that had previously been registered to a different student will incur the one-time $6.99 registration transfer fee.

Questions for i>clicker regarding this change can be made to For any Penn State-specific questions regarding this change, feel free to email

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