In Spring 2015, ITS will be running a second pilot of an LTI-based tool which will allow instructors to use Turnitin from within an ANGEL course. The ability to create Turnitin assignments within ANGEL will provide instructors with the following features:

  • Instructors will be able to access Turnitin without going through an account activation process.
  • Students within your ANGEL course will be automatically given access to your Turnitin assignments.
  • Instructors will no longer need to provide access codes to students.
  • Students can access Turnitin from within the familiar ANGEL environment.
  • Grades assigned via Turnitin can be posted in your ANGEL course gradebook.
  • Instructors will now have the option to grade assignments with the Turnitin iPad app.
  • Courses may include multiple instructors/TAs in one section.

If the pilot is successful, ITS hopes to provide the access to Turnitin to all instructors in ANGEL or any other LMS at Penn State in the future.

Any person with Editor rights in an ANGEL course may apply to participate in the pilot by following the instructions on Applications will close by January 30, 2015.

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