In multimedia specialist Zac Zidik’s latest blog post about the progress of his virtual reality teaching simulation, he explores the role of empathy in his virtual students.

“One of, if not the primary, goal of this project was to give soon to be teachers a chance to practice in front of a classroom of students,” Zidik said. “The content that they teach will vary but techniques for focusing on the students could be universally the same.”

In order to create this empathetic effect, Zidik added a depth of field focus and a narrowed field of view on the camera for when a user calls on and speaks to an individual student.

Another of Zidik’s latest additions is creating animations for students to show their lack of attention. He has done this through creating slouching poses and having students look at something other than the user, such as another student.

Student slouching with hand on head

Example of one of the slouching animations.

To see a demo of some of Zidik’s latest animations and to read more about the project’s developments, see

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