MAKEiT Graphic featuring words Information, Interaction, Instruction

The inaugural edition of TechLion kicks off by talking to three people who are organizing a cool new event at Penn State called MAKEiT, which will be held Oct. 5. Ryan Wetzel and Carla Rapp of the Media Commons and Nick Rossi from the Penn State web group TLT Studio have really put together quite an event, one that has an eye for what might shape educational technology in the near future. There are four things that the event will focus on, including the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Learning Space Design, and Rapid Prototyping. Jamie Oberdick of TLT and host of TechLion talked about these exciting technologies with Carla, Ryan, and Nick. If you do not know much about them and how they might influence education, please listen to the podcast:

Read the transcript here: TechLionEpisode1MAKEiT.

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