What is your wildest idea for improving teaching and learning in higher ed? You know which one we’re talking about. It’s written on the only sticky note you refuse to take off of your monitor. The kind of idea that has lots of exclamation points behind it, because it might just be too crazy to ever work, or just crazy enough to change everything. The kind of idea that you would love to do something with, if only you had the chance…

…Now’s your chance! Submit your idea to the third annual Open Innovation Challenge (OIC), where out-of-the-box thinking can open the door to new and exciting opportunities for collaborative research and exploration in the space of educational improvement.

Some of the best ideas will be showcased at the upcoming 2017 Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology in the form of a high-profile speaking opportunity: A set of fast-paced, five-minute presentations in front of 500 attendees, who will vote on their favorite idea. After the Symposium, the winning idea will be nurtured by a team of experts–who specialize in exactly this kind of thing–to further develop your idea.
Ann Clements, associate professor and graduate program chair in the School of Music, won the 2015 OIC with the idea of creating a 3D Virtual Teaching Lab. “I can think of no other Penn State award,” said Clements, “from an institute or elsewhere, that is so beautifully and simplistically based on good ideas about teaching and learning and, in turn, is so wholly focused on true innovation.”
You have plenty of time to submit your idea to the Challenge–and maybe even win!


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