Senior Director
Teaching and Learning with Technology

Senior Director

Jennifer Sparrow

Administrative Support

Hope Fletemake

Financial Advisor

Laura Bowman


Terry O’Heron

Learning Tools and Learning Management System (Canvas)

Tony Anderson, Mgr.

Learning Applications and Infrastructure

Justin Elliott, Mgr.

Win/Mac Labs, Linux, MDM
Gretchen Kuwahara, Lead
Matt Hansen
Dennis Warfield

Applications Development
Scott Koch
Chris Motch

Infrastructure and Networks
Andrew Lawler, Lead
Harry Barnes
John Cripe

Digital Learning Environment

John Tyndall, Mgr.

Endpoint Architecture (SysMan, WebApps)
Preston Baker, Lead
Rusty Myers
Jason Szmal

Service Management and Consultation
Arianne Waddington

Managed Lab Services
(CLM, Student Printing)

Russ Kalnoskas, Lead
Daniel Kuwahara
Stuart Nicoll

Learning Space Technologies and Innovation

Blake Bergey, Mgr

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