The Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Blended Learning Transformation (BlendLT) program offers full support for faculty who wish to redesign their existing residential instruction course to an innovative blended (face-to-face and online) format. This support includes three key areas:

  • faculty development
  • resources to assist in course development
  • assessment

The current BlendLT faculty cohort began in May 2018. Applications for future cohorts will be announced here.

About the Program

To support faculty interested in taking this opportunity to redesign their course to deliver in a blended modality, TLT offers the BlendLT faculty engagement program. This program is a full engagement that will support faculty members’ efforts to redesign their course to blended format. The BlendLT program consists of three important elements of support for this engagement:

  • Faculty Development: TLT provides a formalized development program for faculty on how to design and deliver blended courses.
  • TLT Resource Support for Redesign: TLT will provide resources such as instructional designers and media developers to support each faculty member’s redesign and development project.
  • TLT Resources for Assessment: TLT will provide resources to assist in the assessment of the redesigned blended course to ensure solid measurement of learning outcomes.

The BlendLT program is a cohort-based engagement in which selected faculty will be given the opportunity to collaborate with peers throughout the engagement process including during the formal professional development work as well as during the development and assessment phases.

Program Commitment

The BlendLT program is a unique engagement that requires a level of commitment from TLT and the selected faculty to accomplish the goals of redesigning a course to a blended format. Each faculty member of the cohort selected for the BlendLT program will be required to:

  • Actively participate in the faculty development program which includes seven (7) sessions:
    • Two (2) seminars (approximately six hours each) at University Park
    • Five (5) synchronous online seminars (approximately two hours each)
  • In addition to the time in the seven seminars, apply one to three hours per week in preparation and follow-up work.
  • Partner with TLT resources to utilize tools helpful for redesigning a course. This includes regularly scheduled meetings with your design team and working individually on your content and design elements.
  • Partner with TLT resources to complete course assessments as well as sharing your evidence of success for your blended course.


What Others Are Saying About the Program

  • “The BlendLT experience has been invaluable.  I have been searching for support for over a year to learn how to incorporate technology into my courses.  Being a part of this cohort has given me the opportunity to learn and implement many new tools to enhance student learning.”
  • “The BlendLT experience had me rethinking my entire course and not just how to divide the work in online vs face to face.  By making me rethink the entire course in terms of methodology it also had me rethinking my other courses that are not going to be blended, prompting a future overhaul of the other courses as well.”

Requested Outcomes

Each BlendLT participant is responsible for engaging with our staff to achieve the agreed upon goals of the project. In addition to meeting these agreed upon expectations, we ask that BlendLT faculty also:

  • Propose a session for the annual TLT Symposium.
  • Participate in the creation of publications or presentations to be shared with audiences outside Penn State.
  • Maintain an ongoing collaborative relationship with TLT.
  • Have fun and share in a collaborative learning environment.
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