Faculty Engagement Initiative

giving faculty an opportunity to work with ETS staff to explore emerging technologies that have the potential to impact teaching and learning at Penn State

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Areas of Engagement

Throughout the year, new technologies will be selected for further investigation, and a call for proposals will be made for a limited number of projects. Once a proposal is accepted, TLT funding, staff time, technology, and facilities will be dedicated to the development and successful implementation of the project. By combining ideas and innovative spirit with expertise in academic thought, we can work collaboratively to appropriately apply emerging technologies for teaching and learning.


Digital Badges

Like Girl and Boy Scout badges so many of us are familiar with, digital badges are designed to be symbolic representations of some provable accomplishment.  With clear data showing what was required to earn a badge, who issued it, as well as what was required to earn it, digital badges represent an opportunity to help recognize, inspire, and share learning - no matter where or how it occurs.


Learning Analytics

We are interested in collaborating with faculty and staff on the use of learning analytics to support student success across the university. This includes the use of 'big data' and educational data mining techniques to model student behavior and better understand patterns that lead to student success. This knowledge will help us better design learning environments and inform pedagogy in the future.

Video at Penn State

Video at Penn State is a pilot solution for uploading, managing, and streaming video and audio content on the web.  Using this management tool, participants can upload lectures, sample videos, Podcasts, and other pieces of media for students to readily and easily access.  In addition to features such as tagging and commenting, Video at Penn State offers a high level of access control by allowing faculty to manage collections of content specific to individual courses and groups.  

Box at Penn State

Box is a robust cloud storage solution that allows users to store large files, back up, share, and collaborate within documents.  We're looking for faculty interested in piloting Box and gathering feedback as to ways this tool can be effectively utilized in the classroom.

Social and Collaborative Technologies

We are interested in exploring novel uses of collaborative environments (such as the Google Docs suite) to support teaching, learning, and engagement.
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