The TLT Faculty Engagement Awards program offers grants and support to enable faculty in high enrollment subject areas to work with a team of their peers in their discipline to create collaboratively written course goals, objectives, and content assessment questions.

2018 Theme: Open Collaborative Assessment Creation

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 A common challenge cited by faculty transitioning to openly licensed textbooks is the loss of homework, quiz, and self-check content items that are packaged with traditional textbooks. To help overcome this hurdle the 2018 Summer TLT Faculty Engagement Awards is offering grants and support for the development of openly licensed ancillary materials. Open Collaborative Assessment Creation series will offer faculty the opportunity to work collaboratively with peers in their field to create pedagogically sound assessment items. TLT staff will offer support and technology to assist with the creation, development, and delivery of the content items.

Disciplines for Summer 2018 are Chemistry and Statistics.

Content Leads:

Chemistry- Neyda Abreu, Associate Professor of Geoscience and, Mathematics, PSU DuBois

Statistics- Whitney Zimmerman, Assistant Teaching Professor, PSU University Park

The content lead will be the group facilitator and will the lead the group in developing goals that will match the assessment questions that group will be developing. The lead will provide overall leadership around the design and development and will work collaboratively with the TLT project lead.

Contributors: Each group will have three to four group contributors that will be responsible for aiding in the developing of the goals as well as developing 250 questions. Each contributor is also required to give feedback to other group contributors’ assessment questions.


Joseph Houck, Assistant Teaching Professor, PSU University Park

Francelys Medina, Assistant Teaching Professor, PSU DuBois

Kyle Schmid, Assistant Teaching Professor, PSU University Park


Jennifer Keagy, Director of the Faculty Center, PSU Harrisburg

Larry Musolino, Lecturer of Mathematics and Statistics, PSU Lehigh Valley

Doug Sellers, Assistant Professor of Psychology, PSU Scranton

Robin Tate, Instructional Designer for Mechanical Enginering/Additive Manufacturing




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