Selection as a Fellow

Fellowships are awarded on a per project basis, but will carry with them requirements beyond project completion (for a term of 12 months). In most cases, ongoing participation in TLT activities will be requested. As an example, participation in committee or other ongoing project work to help disseminate outcomes will be requested.

Goals and Objectives

  • Work collaboratively to identify emerging questions that are tied to the mission of TLT
  • Create and grow communities to explore topics to inform new practice
  • Support directed research and development that has the potential to impact the practice of teaching and learning with technology
  • Create opportunities to develop long-term relationships with key members of our audiences

Fellowships are generally awarded to those who already have experience in teaching and learning with technology topics and wish to add new knowledge to the field. Those interested in participating as a Fellow should contact to discuss appointments. Topic areas for Fellowships are constantly updated, and can always be found on the Fellows website.

Based on the proposal, TLT can provide some financial support, support in the form of equipment, staff time, travel support, or in other ways germane to the proposed Fellowship work. In some cases, Fellows can join TLT during a sabbatical period but most residential Fellowship work will happen during the Summer months. Education Technology Services (ETS) will typically accept three to five funded Fellowships per fiscal year, but are happy to discuss other ways for you to connect with us.

To allow for broad participation, there are two types of Fellowships both designed to support the work of TLT and the associated Faculty. A Residential Fellow, will spend dedicated time working within the offices of ETS for a duration agreed upon during the Fellowship. Non-Residential Fellows participate remotely and do not spend dedicated time within ETS, yet are encouraged to participate when they can either on site or through mediated technologies.

Proposal Process

Proposals for Fellowships will be sought starting in February of each year and will remain open through April.  If you are interested in becoming a TLT Fellow, please send a note to

Requested Outcomes

Each Faculty Fellow is responsible for participating with our staff to achieve the agreed upon goals of the project. In addition to meeting these agreed upon expectations, we ask that Fellows also:

  • Propose a session for the annual TLT Symposium
  • Host a Fellows’ Hour session to assist in making connections and spawning new initiatives
  • Maintain a project blog that shares work while in progress
  • Participate in the creation of publications or presentations to be shared with audiences outside Penn State
  • Participate with TLT in an ongoing fashion for the duration of the 12 month appointment in a limited way (small meetings, committee work, etc)
  • Have fun and share in a collaborative learning environment
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