Education Technology Services

Our mission is to provide leadership and support in the appropriate use of technology for teaching, learning, and research.

TLT Assessment

The TLT Assessment Group investigates learning outcomes  and instructional technology application effectiveness. It provides assessment for both formative and summative measurements. instrument design and construction, and data collection and analysis, as well as consultation services to support instructional technology research.

Media Commons

Media Commons provides technical and pedagogical support for the creation of narrative-based video, audio, and other new media to enrich teaching, learning, and research. Consultants service multimedia labs located at every Penn State campus, work closely with faculty to design new assignments, provide 1-on-1 support for students, and facilitate the use of new technologies like the One Button Studio and 3D printing.

Faculty Programs

Involvement is an integral part of any community, and here at TLT it is not any different. With our faculty programs, we strive to start dialogues that lead to new developments in the way technology is used for teaching and learning across Penn State. Whether we are working with faculty or other TLT team members, we fully recognize the necessity of collaboration in the development of new technologies and processes to support teaching, learning, and research.

Instructional Design & Development

We are the Instructional Design and Development (ID&D) team here in Education Technology Services! We are a 10 person team of instructional designers that provides a variety of services for TLT, including: instructional design support for strategic, large course redesign projects, facilitating a university-wide Learning Design community, pedagogical consultations and service management for a number of TLT-supported services

Advanced Learning Projects

Advanced Learning Projects (ALP) is responsible for the identification, design, and development of new educational technologies. These tools are designed to support teaching and learning challenges identified within Education Technology Services. Areas of focus include mobile learning, learning analytics, media creation and distribution, and process automation.

Emerging Technology & Media

The Emerging Technology and Media group (ETM) serves as the lookout for new opportunities to improve teaching and learning through technology. We keep our eyes on the new and the upcoming to help solve the challenges of our students and faculty. ETM, also oversees Penn State's Educational Gaming Commons (EGC), which serves as a University resource on the use of games and gaming principles for education and research.
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