Teaching and Learning with Technology Faculty Learning Communities is a faculty led professional development program for tenure track and teaching faculty at any Penn State campus, who are interested in forming small communities where they can work with a group of peers for an academic year towards a shared goal related to Teaching and Learning with Technology.  The focus will be on bringing together faculty with a desire to explore a shared idea, concept, or interest area that deals with  teaching and learning with technology. Some TLT FLCs may lead to research experiments, analysis of secondary data, grant proposals, manuscripts, or other forms of scholarship related to TLT issues.  You can propose any idea related to teaching and learning with technology for an FLC, but FLCs that relate to TLT’s strategic plan may receive priority. These include: learning spaces, scholarship of teaching and learning, faculty professional development, data science, immersive experiences, and open educational resources.

Faculty who identify and lead an FLC will receive a stipend ($500) in addition to some amount of funding (up to an additional $500) for conducting the FLC meetings (lunches, books, tech tools, guest speakers, etc.).  FLCs may be formed cross-college, cross-campus, and/or cross discipline and will be led by a full-time faculty member.

FLCs are faculty-led and faculty-driven with some ideal outcomes. Competitive candidates for FCL leader roles are enthusiastic and able to:

  • Attend a brief FLC orientation workshop
  • Identify, via names and job titles at PSU, at least 3 additional people that have indicated interest in participating in your proposed FLC
  • Host a kickoff meeting for your community with your TLT liaison
  • Schedule and facilitate regular meetings with your community
  • Attend and/or share your FLC outcomes at the TLT Symposium and/or similar TLT events
  • Write a summary report, outlining your FLC’s work throughout the year, that can be shared with TLT and on our website

2018/19 Faculty Learning Communities

FLC Leader Campus Topic
Benjamin Lear UP Teaching of Data Visualizations
Dawn Pfeifer Reitz Berks Innovative Instructional Technologies in the Classroom
Heather Cole Erie Digital Fluency and Content Development
Lara LaDage Altoona Mentoring Undergraduate Student Researchers
Melanie Miller Foster & Noel Habashy UP Global Learning in Agriculture
Neyda Abreu DuBois Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Chemistry
Beth Egan UP OER: Local and Global Appeal


For more information contact Stephanie Edel-Malizia (sae12@psu.edu).

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