Blended Learning Transformation

A series of faculty engagement opportunities and resources that support converting traditional residential courses to a blended (face-to-face and online) format.

Faculty-designed blended courses since 2016

Students enrolled in redesigned courses since 2016

Redesign courses for blended delivery

Faculty members who want to redesign their course for delivery in a blended modality can take advantage of the BlendLT program and resources. Through a series of engagement opportunities, BlendLT supports faculty through the course redesign process in a number of ways. 

The program includes three key elements to support faculty:

BlendLT Workshop Series

TLT provides a formal workshop series for faculty on how to design and deliver blended courses. It includes resources, cohort-based learning, instructional design, and multimedia support as faculty redesign their course. Additional “train-the-trainer” support is included for programs that want to adopt blended learning on a larger scale.

BlendLT Learning Path

The BlendLT Learning Path is a series of self-paced online modules that walk faculty through the process of blended course redesign. It can be used as a stand-alone course, utilized for just-in-time resources, or used in conjunction with workshops or faculty learning communities.

Continuing Blended Support from TLT

TLT provides instructional design and research support for faculty after course revision to assist in assessment of redesigned courses and programmatic faculty learning communities.

Request for Proposals

The request for proposals for the Summer 2020 workshop cohort is currently open. It will close on April 15.

Submit a proposal

Workshop commitment

The BlendLT workshop series requires commitment from TLT and the selected faculty member in order to redesign a course in a blended format. Each faculty member who participates in the cohort will need to: 

  • Actively participate in the seven (7) workshop sessions, which include
    • Two (2) seminars (approximately 6 hours each) at University Park
    • Five (5) synchronous online seminars (approximately 2 – 3 hours each)
  • Apply 3 – 4 hours per week to preparation and follow-up work
  • Partner with TLT resources to complete deliverables for the redesigned course
  • Partner with TLT resources to complete a course assessment and evidence of success document

Each BlendLT participant is responsible for collaborating with our staff to achieve the agreed-upon goals of the project. In addition to meeting these expectations, we ask that BlendLT participants also consider: 

  • Proposing a session for the annual TLT Symposium
  • Participating in the creation of publications or presentations to be shared with audiences outside of Penn State
  • Maintaining an ongoing collaborative relationship with TLT

If you need more information or have questions about BlendLT, please contact Erica Fleming ( or Amanda Jones (

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