Jan Reimann

Associate Professor
Eberly College of Science
2020 TLT Faculty Fellow
Focus Area: Student Engagement

Reimann, associate professor of mathematics in the Eberly College of Science, and his team aim to take advantage of Jupyter Notebooks’ open-source platform and their built-in interactivity to create affordable, engaging course content for undergraduate math students at Penn State. 


“Instead of relying on static data in a traditional calculus textbook, a Jupyter-based course can pull data in real-time from various sources like financial markets or sports statistic databases,” said Reimann. “This gives instructors, and students access to much more current and relevant content, which can help improve engagement.”

Reimann and his team will work toward creating a content library and collecting data sources that will allow for the creation of interactive notebooks within Penn State’s math department long after the fellowship project has concluded. Additionally, they recognize their project’s potential to increase the overall accessibility to Project Jupyter at Penn State and help organize the University’s existing Jupyter community.

The Team

Matt Hansen
Brad Kozlek
Jenay Robert
Philip Vorhees – Project Lead
Joo Young (g)