Our initiatives are driven by a collective curiosity to uncover the best ideas for engaged learning. Collaboratively we strive to understand effective learning and how technology sustains it.

Learning Spaces

We design and influence learning spaces across Penn State with cutting-edge technology to ensure a world-class teaching and learning experience. We also provide operational support to ensure these spaces function reliably.

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Professional Development

A hallmark of TLT, we provide professional development that goes beyond the standard workshops. Our method of cultivating instructors’ skills that enrich the learning experience is one that approaches development as a shared journey. It takes time to foster a deep understanding of how new technology can work in the classroom, so we take a thoughtful strategy to professional development.

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Teaching and Learning Research

As technology is increasingly incorporated in the learning process, it provides growing amounts of data for research. Our approach to examining this information centers on the pedagogical uses of technology, the technology itself, the learning spaces where it’s used, and how all three elements influence student success.

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The rapid emergence of new technology necessitates innovative thinking so that it may be incorporated into the learning process. We are constantly in search of partnerships with creative, original thinkers that will help enhance the teaching and learning experience.

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Inspiring Excellence

Across Penn State, great work is consistently accomplished when it comes to applying technology to the learning process. We honor the best of that work annually through programs like the Open Innovation Challenge, the Impact Award, and TLT Fellowships.

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Let's Work Together

Have a great idea? Get in touch with us! We can help you identify the right technologies to meet your pedagogical needs, or develop something completely new.
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