Innovation requires diverse people, ideas, and technologies to truly transform education. We are here to collaborate with and support Penn State faculty who strive to innovate at the intersection of technology and pedagogy.

Diving into innovation

Big ideas are great. However, they are just the first step toward true innovation. The process of turning that idea into a widely adopted, viable solution takes many people with a diverse set of skills collaborating to solve problems. Our team’s varied skills can help develop your idea into an impactful innovation.

Explore Innovation Projects


TLT and the Division of Undergraduate Studies set out to discover how Penn State’s vast trove of student engagement data could improve the chances of student success. Their collaboration produced Elevate, a web-based prototype that can help identify as early in a semester as possible who may need proactive outreach.


Students need to nurture the ability to grasp new information and put that information to use. To that end, we partnered with Professor Rayne Sperling to develop the Success through Self-Regulated Learning (StSRL) framework and associated technology, Nudge. Faculty can use Nudge to strengthen students’ learning strategies, an important characteristic to help students succeed in college and beyond.

“To anyone who is toying with an idea and doesn’t think it’s developed well enough, approach TLT with it. Talk to them because their involvement helped my project evolve.”

Rodney Allen Trice

Professor of Practice in Graphic Design

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