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Teaching and Learning with Technology offers a number of tools and resources to assist faculty with education, research, and outreach.


Making Penn State’s information technology resources accessible to everyone regardless of abilities.


Digital badges enrich learning experiences by allowing their earners to showcase their accomplishments and skills.


An engaging, impactful, and intuitive learning management system (LMS) for Penn State students and faculty, from any device.


Helping instructors embrace reliable and innovative teaching technologies in Penn State’s general purpose classrooms.

Computer Labs

Providing Penn Staters across the University with access to industry-standard software that is vital to digital-age learning.


Empowering faculty and students to improve classroom engagement and feedback with the click of a button.

Immersive Experiences

Learning experiences are enhanced through the creation and viewing of video that plunges the user into a scene thanks to 360° video, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Maker Commons

Empowering faculty and students to improve classroom engagement and feedback with the click of a button.

Media Commons

With dedicated spaces at every Penn State campus, Media Commons enables Penn Staters to harness the power of multimedia storytelling.

Media Management

Zoom’s conferencing features and Kaltura’s streaming, storage, media management, and publishing features give the University an integrated service.

One Button Studio

Record professional-quality video projects with the push of a single button.


Showcase your individual skills and achievements by sharing audio, video, text, and image projects via ePortfolios.

Printing Solutions

Print course assignments and more with ease and convenience from a computer lab or personal device.


Simultaneously share content to a room display using laptops and mobile devices.


Provide feedback on writing assignments via markup tools, rubrics, proofreading tools, and originality reports.


Enrich classroom activities such as presentations, critiques, reflections, and more by sharing multimedia on VoiceThread.

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