The Dreamery Sessions

A TLT podcast

These are the stories of how innovation happens at Penn State

At Penn State, “Driving Digital Innovation” and “Transforming Education” are two crucial elements of the Strategic Plan that is moving our University forward. Every day there are students and faculty who deliver on those themes through their coursework, research, and more. “The Dreamery Sessions” is here to bring you their stories and show how our community supports innovative, creative ideas that possess the power to revamp higher education in positive ways.

Episodes of “The Dreamery Sessions” are co-hosted by Ray Schmitt – public relations specialist at TLT – and Zach Lonsinger – learning experiences designer at TLT. A pair of Penn State graduates themselves, Ray and Zach are excited to bring you conversations with inspiring Penn Staters.

“Dreamery Sessions” episodes will publish bi-weekly beginning on Auguts 26, 2019. The first season will feature seven episodes and conclude on November 18. The show’s second season will launch in January of 2020. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you have feedback or suggestions for future guests, you can mention them in a review, or reach out to the guys on Twitter; Ray is at @radio_ray and Zach is at @ZachLonsinger.

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Get to know co-hosts Ray Schmitt and Zach Lonsinger, and hear about what the first season of the Dreamery Sessions has in store.

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Co-hosts Ray Schmitt and Zach Lonsinger talk with TLT leadership about the themes of digital fluency, innovation, creativity, and emerging technology. 

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SOC 119 is one of Penn State’s most popular courses with over 700 registered students each semester. Did you know, thanks to modern streaming technology and a dedicated student production team, it also has a worldwide audience? Tune in to hear about the inspiration for streaming every class live online, what it takes to pull it off, and more.

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