Commonwealth Campus Learning Spaces

Active learning spaces encouraging student engagement and pedagogy are being implemented at Commonwealth Campuses throughout Pennsylvania.

Consultant visits to Commonwealth Campuses in 2017-18

Active Learning Spaces located across the Commonwealth

Tailored Learning Space Solutions

From University Park to Penn State Behrend to Penn State Brandywine, and everywhere in between, each Penn State campus presents a unique culture and unique needs. Variances in student bodies, degree programs, and even physical location play a role in how learning spaces are designed at each location. Active learning classrooms have the capability to enhance the teaching and learning experience across every Penn State Commonwealth Campus, and finding the right fit is essential to the success of those spaces. Partnerships with local campus communities enable a new level of design to the space along with the introduction of enhanced technologies, flexible furniture, and newly designed classrooms. New instructional technology like Mersive Solstice and Epson Brightlink projectors can make learning spaces much more engaging. Solstice allows anyone in an enabled classroom to wirelessly share information from their laptop or mobile device to a central monitor. Brightlink projectors, meanwhile, create fully interactive displays on whiteboard surfaces and can also connect wirelessly with laptops and mobile devices.
Learning space design at Commonwealth Campuses goes beyond the technology used to present information. Furniture that facilitates group work and active learning, increases storage, and increases student engagement can be integrated into any classroom. Do you have a space on your campus you want to reinvent and redesign? Don’t know where to start? Select the Contact Us button below to get started! We have worked with furniture and equipment vendors across the commonwealth to find the right fit for your project.

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Cutting-edge digital displays, interactive technologies, and moveable furniture join together in 101 Althouse Laboratory to create an experimental classroom where innovation and excellence meet.

Shared Experiences Lab

A unique learning space that enriches the classroom experience by connecting people through innovative technology.

The Dreamery

A co-learning laboratory where Penn Staters can explore emerging technology’s potential to transform education.

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