We collaborate with faculty to enhance teaching and learning through cutting-edge technology.

faculty engagements every year

in faculty research support over the past 4 years

Together we can discover and explore innovative ideas that advance student learning.

Immersive experiences, artificial intelligence, blended learning, 3D printing, collaborative learning spaces, and open education resources are just some of the tools we use to enrich the Penn State learning experience.

Best of all, we are on this journey with you.

Our staff has experts in instructional design, emerging technology and media, learning spaces, faculty programs, creative learning initiatives, and more. From brainstorming to implementation to evaluation, we’re here to help.

We're passionate about the work we do with our partners.

Meet the 2019 Faculty Fellows.

Ed Glantz

Personalizing Learning Spaces by Streaming and Recording Lectures
Ed’s fellowship project aims to explore best practices in recording lectures in the classroom and how it can be used for reflective teaching.

Siu Ling (Pansy) Leung

Using Mixed Reality to Prepare Students for Better Laboratory Learning Experiences
Through her project, Pansy will investigate how virtual labs can deliver higher quality learning experiences than traditional science and engineering laboratories.

Pierce Salguero

Expanding the Asian Studies Classroom Through Virtual Learning Spaces
Salguero will, through immersive experiences, work with his group to build on an ongoing pedagogical project that is used in the classroom to deliver ethnographic data, photography, and short documentary films to students.

Priya Sharma

Reconceptualizing Places of Learning
Sharma hopes to use her project to shift the focus from “spaces” to “places” within the context of learning and design.

We're proud of our work and we think you'll like it, too.

Here are some of our learning spaces.


The Immersive Experiences Lab is a learning space designed specifically for 360° video creation and viewing as well as other immersive technology.


The Dreamery, located in the Shields Building, is TLT’s co-learning space where Penn Staters can explore emerging technologies.

Media Commons

A university-wide initiative to enrich the teaching and learning experience through multimedia technology, classroom training and direct support.

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