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In order to transform education in positive and enduring ways, it is crucial to understand the challenges that impact our faculty's pedagogy and also student success. Our fellowship program works with faculty to identify these challenges and explores how technology can help overcome them. These partnerships expand the reach of impactful ideas and help shape the Penn State community's future.

Fellows Since 2009

2019 TLT Faculty Fellows

Ed Glantz

Personalizing Learning Spaces by Streaming and Recording Lectures
Ed’s fellowship project aims to explore best practices in recording lectures in the classroom and how it can be used for reflective teaching.

Siu Ling (Pansy) Leung

Using Mixed Reality to Prepare Students for Better Laboratory Learning Experiences
Through her project, Pansy will investigate how virtual labs can deliver higher quality learning experiences than traditional science and engineering laboratories.

Pierce Salguero

Expanding the Asian Studies Classroom Through Virtual Learning Spaces
Salguero will, through immersive experiences, work with his group to build on an ongoing pedagogical project that is used in the classroom to deliver ethnographic data, photography, and short documentary films to students.

Priya Sharma

Reconceptualizing Places of Learning
Sharma hopes to use her project to shift the focus from “spaces” to “places” within the context of learning and design.

Topics for Fellowships

By combining ideas and innovative spirit with expertise in academic thought, we can work collaboratively to apply emerging technologies for teaching and learning. The call for 2020-21 TLT Faculty Fellows is open now, and the theme for new fellows projects is student engagement.

All Penn State faculty, from any discipline, are eligible for a TLT faculty fellowship. We encourage everyone to share their innovative idea by submitting a proposal for exploring how technology can be used as a tool to enhance engaged learning in and out of the classroom. To submit a proposal, please email

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Past TLT Faculty Fellows

Scott McDonald

Learning Spaces

Laurie Grobman

Undergraduate Research

Ty Hollett

Learning Spaces

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