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In order to transform education in positive and enduring ways, it is crucial to understand the challenges that impact our faculty's pedagogy and also student success. Our fellowship program works with faculty to identify these challenges and explores how technology can help overcome them. These partnerships expand the reach of impactful ideas and help shape the Penn State community's future.

Fellows Since 2009

2018 TLT Faculty Fellows

David Hunter

Data-Empowered Learning
David’s fellowship project aims to mobilize a Data Science community that will bring together data science-related efforts of faculty, students, and organizations throughout the University.

Kathryn W. Jablokow

Digital Fluency
Kathryn aims to use her fellowship to create a Compendium of Creative Fluency that will make concepts, practices, activities, and materials covering creative fluency readily available to Penn State faculty and students.

Karen Kackley-Dutt

Immersive Experiences
Karen, a biology professor at Penn State Lehigh Valley, aims to increase environmental advocacy by exposing students to biomes through her project.

Alan Wagner

Robotics / Immersive Environment
While technology opens avenues that can erode academic integrity, it may also hold the key to guiding students to more ethical decisions. Alan’s fellowship will explore that possibility.

Topics for Fellowships

By combining ideas and innovative spirit with expertise in academic thought, we can work collaboratively to apply emerging technologies for teaching and learning. The call for 2019-20 TLT Faculty Fellows is now open and the upcoming academic year’s theme is “Learning Spaces.” Learning spaces can include physical, digital, virtual, blended, and data-informed places where students interact with course material.

All Penn State faculty, from any discipline, are encouraged to share their innovative idea by submitting a proposal for exploring, enhancing, or engaging students in the many spaces where they learn. To submit your proposal or ask any questions, please email The deadline for proposals is April 19, 2019.

Open Educational Resources

The wide adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs) is one way to advance Penn State’s goal of making a degree more affordable. We seek faculty collaborators that want to create and/or adopt OERs as part of a course or curriculum. OERs include open textbooks (such as those found at OpenStax), publicly available online learning modules, and open collections of knowledge (such as Wikipedia).

Data-Empowered Learning

Continued reliance on information technology produces vast amounts of data through interactions with various systems, platforms, and tools. How can these data be leveraged to make better decisions related to learning? With Canvas data now available, along with other data from our existing education technology ecosystem, we have access to rich sets of data regarding how students are interacting with course content and resources. How can these data be used to empower student learning?

Immersive Experiences

“Immersive experiences” is an encompassing phrase we use because it encapsulates technology-rich environments such as virtual reality and 360° video, as well as engaged scholarship opportunities, such as study abroad. These experiences have the power to elevate student learning to new heights. We seek individuals interested in collaborating on the exploration of immersive experiences as a teaching and learning tool, specifically how they can be scaled across the entire University community.

Design Thinking

Through identifying, prototyping, and testing novel solutions, design thinking is a process that can be applied to better grapple with problems that resist resolution. Though it is most often found in design-oriented disciplines, this method is discipline-agnostic. We seek individuals that wish to leverage design thinking to support student learning. Various facilities around campus exist to support design thinking, such as the Design Thinking Lab and Maker Commons.

Learning Spaces

We have a variety of unique learning spaces coming online around the university; spaces that allow faculty to think differently about teaching and learning. Whether it’s unique technology, flexible spaces, or access to prototyping tools, we have spaces that create new affordances for faculty and students. We seek faculty collaborators that want to re-imagine aspects of their courses that take advantage of our spaces, or faculty that are interested in helping us explore new classroom designs that fully engage students.

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Past TLT Faculty Fellows

Scott McDonald

Learning Spaces

Laurie Grobman

Undergraduate Research

Ty Hollett

Learning Spaces

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