Teaching and Learning Research

Discovering how technology enhances pedagogy is a driving force behind our efforts here at TLT, and a great deal of what we learn comes from our collaboration with faculty members. Through our joint research projects, an understanding is developed with regards to how technology supports teaching and learning in a wide range of contexts.

TLT has been instrumental to my successes as an educator and researcher. Collaborations through TLT have resulted in successful external grants, journal publications, and jointly sponsored workshops such as the Immersive Reality Symposium.

Conrad Tucker

Associate Professor of Engineering

Generating Insights Through Research

Actively engaging in research helps us develop a deeper understanding of how technology, space, and tools contribute to learning. Our interest areas are centered around student learning, and partnerships with faculty on specific research projects have the power to change the way we think about learning.

Learning Spaces

A variety of unique learning spaces are coming online around the university and they allow faculty to think differently about teaching and learning. Whether it’s unique technology, flexible spaces, or access to prototyping tools, we have spaces that create new affordances for both faculty and students. Research intends to uncover what these affordances mean for both faculty pedagogy and student learning.

Data Empowered Learning

With continued reliance on information technology throughout our daily lives, vast amounts of data are produced as we interact with various systems, platforms, and tools. How can this data be best leveraged to make better decisions related to learning? With Canvas data now available, in addition to other data from our existing education technology ecosystem, we have access to rich sets of data regarding how students are interacting with course content and resources. Research can show how these data can best be used to empower student learning.

Immersive Experiences

“Immersive Experiences” is an encompassing phrase we like to use, as it encapsulates technology-rich environments such as virtual reality and 360° video, along with engaged scholarship opportunities such as study abroad. We believe all these experiences can elevate student learning to new heights. We seek individuals interested in collaborating on the exploration of immersive experiences as a teaching and learning tool, with specific ideas on how we provide scalable immersive experiences across the university.

Sponsored Projects

Research often requires funding and in order to receive research backing, proposals must be written. Anyone in the Penn State community working on a funding proposal involving teaching, learning, or technology can take advantage of our specific services to aid the process.

We can play a variety of roles on a sponsored project, including:

  • Proposal writing
  • Custom software creation and prototyping
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Education and outreach
  • Dissemination of project results

Our support of sponsored projects covers a broad spectrum, and we have experience working with funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation, United States Department of Agriculture, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the United States Department of Education.

Ray Najjar

Professor of Oceanography
Joint Appointment with the Department of Geosciences

NSF REU: Climate Science Research at PSU

Viveck Cadambe

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
NSF CAREER: An information theoretic perspective of consistent distributed storage systems.

Kyle Peck

Professor Emeritus of Education


Research centers span across campus and encompass a number of cross-disciplinary areas that look to solve some of societies biggest challenges. TLT offers collaboration—from co-directing centers to assisting with activities—with University partners in the potential creation of new centers.

TLT makes available leadership and support to the Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy (C-PAD). Currently, we are working with faculty and administrators from colleges and campuses around Penn State, to explore new center partnerships in areas related to data science and immersive experiences.

Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy

Learn more about the inception of C-PAD.

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TLT is committed to supporting scholarly pursuits across Penn State. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on a research project.
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