ASI 110 Experimental Classroom

Exploring how mobile, vertical, and shareable writing surfaces combine with digital technology to advance teaching and learning

Meet the Newest Research Classroom on Penn State’s University Park Campus

As part of Penn State’s continuing effort to transform educationa new experimental classroom opened in fall of 2019 in the Agriculture Science and Industries building. A “cousin” of the University’s original experimental classroom, Bluebox, ASI 110 offers a dynamic, collaborative learning enviroment designed to build off of Bluebox’s success. It is fashioned to utilize classroom features, amenities, and affordances previously not available in Bluebox. 

Prior research of teaching and learning in experimental classrooms has shown a preference for writing surfaces that promote collaborative and sharable work. ASI 110 provides faculty and researchers an opportunity to further explore nuances in writable surface options. The space also allows for new exploration of digital projection and audio technology situated around the perimeter. 

ASI 110 can accommodate up to 30 students at a time, and includes mobile tables and chairs that support multiple configurations. The combination of flexibility and technology in a discipline-agnostic space will create opportunities for impactful research that will inform future learning space design.

As they do in Bluebox, TLT’s learning spaces team and Penn State faculty who teach in ASI 110 will engage in iterative cycles of teaching, reflection, adjustment, and more teaching. 

There are unique features that help the ASI 110 Experimental Classroom encourage collaborative, active learning.

Interactive Projection

Five “pods” are equipped with projectors, Mersive Solstice, and annotatable whiteboard surfaces. There is also an interactive projector connected to the podium.

Writable Tables

Each “pod” in ASI 110 features three tables with writable whiteboard tops. These tables are also mobile and can accomodate varying layouts, they are height adjustable, and their tops flip vertically so group work can be shared with the class.

Content Sharing Modes

Various instructor and group projector settings throughout the room facilitate multiple modes of content sharing.

When we walk into the room, the overpowering sensation of ASI 110 is one of – there’s writeable space, and it’s a flexible space.

Daniel Foster

Associate Professor, Agricultural Teacher Educator, College of Agriculture

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