Siu Ling (Pansy) Leung

Assistant Teaching Professor
Director of Undergraduate Laboratories
Department of Mechanical Engineering
2019 TLT Faculty Fellow
Focus Area: Learning Spaces

Leung is an assistant teaching professor and director of undergraduate laboratories in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She will investigate how virtual labs can deliver higher quality learning experiences than traditional science and engineering laboratories.


Performing experiments from fundamental concepts to complex systems requires tremendous time and space,” said Leung. “For instance, learning how an airplane flies without understanding thrust and drag is impossible. A solution could be to transform fundamental topics experiments into virtual labs so students can visualize and revise concepts at their own pace before performing tests on complex scenarios.

Along with the intent to create multiple virtual lab experiments for students to conduct, the team will study the impact of technology-enhanced learning, and roadmap a platform designed to help other educators create immersive learning experiences.

The Team

Zac Zidik