Past TLT Faculty Fellows

Transforming education in positive and enduring ways.

My TLT Fellowship helped solidify interest in 3D printing across the university, creating a robust network of engaged scholars and educators who are passionate about the technology.  It was also instrumental in launching the new Additive Manufacturing & Design graduate program at Penn State – the first and only one of its kind in the world!

Tim Simpson

Professor and Co-Director, Center for Innovative Materials Processing Through Direct Digital Deposition


David Hunter

Data-Empowered Learning

Kathryn W. Jablokow

Digital Fluency

Karen Kackley-Dutt

Immersive Experiences

Alan Wagner

Robotics / Immersive Environment


Alexander Klippel

Immersive Experiences

Rebecca Passonneau

Data Empowered Learning

Susan Russell

Open Educational Resources

Amit Sharma

Data Empowered Learning


Marcela Borge

Quantified Self

Ty Hollett

Learning Spaces

Aaron Mauro

Quantified Self

Making for the Masses

Maker Culture


Veronica Godshalk

Digital Badges

Laurie Grobman

Undergraduate Research

Timothy Simpson

3D Printing

Rayne Sperling

Wearable Technology

Conrad Tucker

VR and Wearable Technology


Mark Fisher

Digital Badges and A Domain of One’s Own

Lee Giles

Dynamic Content Generation

Scott McDonald

Learning Spaces

Emily Rimland

Digital Badges


John Cheslock

Digital Badges Across Contexts

Kyle Peck

Digital Badges

Hoi Suen

Peer Assessment in MOOCs


Ann Clements

Children’s Musical Play

Richard Devon

Google Apps for Collaboration

Laura Guertin

Google Earth

Sam Richards

World in Conversation


Ellysa Cahoy

Digital Literacy Acquisition

Chris Long

Socratic Politics in Digital Dialogue

Stuart Selber

e-Portfolios and Engaged Scholarship

Carla Zembal-Saul

Blogs and e-Portfolios

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