Ed Glantz

Teaching Professor
Assistant Director of Masters Programs
College of Information Sciences and Technology
2019 TLT Faculty Fellow
Focus Area: Learning Spaces

Glantz, a teaching professor and assistant director of masters programs in the College of Information Sciences and Technology, will use his project to explore best practices in recording lectures in the classroom and how it can be used for reflective teaching.


Two years ago, TLT’s BlendLT seminar and the idea of a flipped class planted the seed for this project,” said Glantz. “Recent technological innovations in video management and cloud storage give us the opportunity to expand learning beyond the physical spaces and provide course content in alternative formats.

Glantz and his team will explore the technical requirements and the pedagogical value of recording lectures in the classroom. He said this will be paired with new data science capabilities that analyze the topical content in a recorded lecture that will be displayed in a dashboard for the purposes of reflective teaching.

The Team

Brian Daigle
Shipi Dhanorkar (g)
Ben Hellar
TK Lee
Vince Trost
Drew Wham
Hannah Williams